New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I’m just going to write a short blog on here to thank everyone that supported me last year, and I am hoping that 2014 will be even better!

I wanna thank everyone that’s supported me on YouTube especially as that is nearly at 2,000 subscribers and over 200,000 views! So thanks so much for that! Also anyone that went to any of my gigs in 2013. I am hoping that I will do more gigs this year and hopefully bigger ones as well. Just have a peak on my gigs page to see when any of them are – and please do come along if you are not busy!!¬†Also also anyone that lives in London – imma start doing more gigs down there too…

In 2013 I left my school after finishing my GCSE’s and joined ATM Music College! I’m really enjoying it at the moment and it’s a lot better than school lol. I’m glad I get to play music full-time now and have met a lot of new people that i have collabed with – like emily who i did a cover with on my YouTube channel!

There is also things that I will work more on this year.. for instance, my Soundcloud page definitely needs some looking at, and so im gunna try and get some space in a proper studio this year and record some of my originals properly and give em out to y’all for free. I don’t expect i’ll do any official releases this year, but hopefully early next year or sooner if ya lucky :)

Yeah, so anyways.. Thank you all so much for everything that you’ve all done for me in 2013 and big up tings dis yur bruv ye boi init yoloswag, I’m out, peace. lol what (i don’t usually talk like this but im tryna be funny doe so it’s fine)

Jasper x


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